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Curators & Collectors: How They Choose

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Last month AJF went to Munich for the annual Schmuck exhibition known as Munich Jewellery Week. This is the time when international jewelry artists, collectors, galleries, and everyone interested in art jewelry gathers in one place. We presented AJF in Conversation—Curators & Collectors: How They Choose, with moderator Susan Cummins and panelists Deedie Rose, Toni Greenbaum, Anni Nørskov Mørch, and Karen Pontoppidan.

In these conversational videos—note that there are parts 1, 2, and 3—we asked how collectors decide to purchase a particular piece of jewelry or to include one in an exhibition or add one to a museum collection. It’s about how decisions are made in the creative activity of choosing for a collection and researching and building a show. Each of the four panelists was asked to describe how they make these decisions, so you’ll see four different approaches and get a behind-the-scenes view into the process. Included below are some examples of artworks that are featured in the panel discussion presentation.

Laura Jack, Does the Carpet Match the Drapes
Laura Jack, Does the Carpet Match the Drapes, 2017, Photo: Laura Jack. Jewellery artist Laura Jack uses jewellery in her piece and photo “Does the Carpet Match the Drapes?” to question powerful conventions of how a woman’s body is expected to appear. The piece with the photo was part of the exhibition “The Splendour of Power” in 2018 and is now part of the jewellery collection at Museet på Koldinghus.
David C. Freda, Necklace
David C. Freda, Necklace, Study of a Young Southern Painted Turtle, Sterling Silver, Paint, Steel, Neoprene Rubber, Photo: courtesy of Toni Greenbaum
Sergey Jivetin, Poultry Accumulus
Sergey Jivetin, Poultry Accumulus, Necklace, 2009, eggshell, carbon fiber, gold, steel


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