Galeria Reverso

Created and directed by Paula Crespo, Galeria Reverso is a platform for contemporary art jewelry. Located in Lisbon and housed in a building covered with painted tiles, Reverso is made up of a bright, light gallery, with a workshop and work area at the back of the building were jewelry designed by Paula Crespo or specially commissioned pieces are produced.

Since 1998, the gallery has organized four to five exhibitions a year, featuring both national and international artists whose work is considered relevant on the conceptual level, and also in regards to design and technique. Reverso aims to reveal established international names, but also to promote young talents and provide them an opportunity to exhibit their work, giving it greater visibility at both the national level and abroad through either individual or collective exhibitions.

Reverso represents around 60 artists whose works are on permanent display in the gallery. As a way of enriching and stimulating creativity, Reverso also produces limited series of jewels and objects with the collaboration of artists from different artistic fields, bringing together different languages and perspectives. To commemorate Reverso’s anniversaries, three bilingual catalogs have been published up to this point in time.

Learn more about Paula Crespo by reading AJF’s interview with her here.


Rua da Esperança, nº 59 / 61
1200 – 655 Lisbon, Portugal

(+351) 213 951 407


Object Feature

Paula Crespo, Necklace

Teresa Milheiro, Spy on l

Ruudt Peters, Chupar

Leonor Hipólito, While They Sleep They Dream

Karin Johansson, Harvest

Floor Mommersteeg, Necklace

Attai Chen, Neckpiece Cordyceps Survivor 3

Manon Van Kouswijk, On Offer

Karin Johansson, Argos

Sara Leme, Here

Holy Beige, Kaori Juzu

Sophie Hanagarth, French Kiss

Mirjam Hiller, Flower

Veronika Fabian, Tattooed Necklace—Woman

Sigurd Bronger, Carrying Device for a White Topaz

Heejoo Kim, Univer Shell

Daniel Kruger, Red Necklace

Claude Schmitz, Chaos about Citrine

Castello Hansen, Brooch

Patricia Domingues, Geo & Imagination Necklace

Ela Bauer, N.T. (Panta rhei)

Manuel Vilhena, Untitled

Herman Hermsen, Tulips from Amsterdam

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