myday-byday space is …
… a gallery in Rome that promotes and sells contemporary jewelry both on site and online.
… a pop-up concept space dealing mainly with international contemporary art jewelry.
… a gallery that changes every time according to the event and the artist involved in each different exhibit.
… a team that helps the various artists that stop at myday-byday gallery, such as jewelers, sculptors, painters, photographers, ceramic artists, and others, with services of media communication, advertising, marketing, and sales.

“The name of my business is myday-byday. I’ve chosen this name because I wanted to give the feeling of ‘time passing by,’ a time that has to be ‘one’s own time.’ The artist should have the feeling of his/her ‘own time’ passing by in my space. This is in fact a new concept which I have developed myself for the type of new business that I have created.”
—Laura Helena Aureli, founder of myday-byday


Via Luca della Robbia 76, Testaccio
00153 Rome


Object Feature

Kiko Gianocca, Well Deep Well

Jaiik Lee, Lifeform_43

Ambroise Degeneve, Untitled

Tore Svensson, brooch from the 27 Square Cm series

Asagi Maeda, What’s in Your Shopping Bag? A Pearl Necklace and a Bouquet 💐

Claudia Lepik, Light Ceremony Necklace

Takashi Kojima, Point-ring n. 4

Sébastien Carré, Factor Growth

Francesca Mazzotta, Natus Collection Bracelet

Malgosia Kalinska, The Circularity Collection, Necklace III

Julie Blyfield,

Asagi Maeda,

Nadine Kuffner,

Beppe Kessler,

Clarisa Menteguiaga,

Brooch 459.24,

Shenhav Offer Russo,

Asagi Maeda,

Tanel Veenre,

Monica Perez “Monoco”,

Daniela Caro,

Panayiotis Panayi,

Agostina Laurenzano,

Ana Marchetanu,

Carina Shoshtary,

Iris Bodemer,

Alina Carp,

Magali Thibault Gobeil,

Nellie Peoples,

Monika Yzchaki,

Isabelle Carpentier,

Letizia Maggio and Fabrizio Bonvicini,

Asagi Maeda,

Francesca Mazzotta, Frame

Shenhav Offer Russo,

Laura Forte,

Rita Soto Ventura,

Noelia Macchi,

Ioana Ardelean,

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