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Welcome to Galerie Door!

Galerie Door shows contemporary jewelry and fine art by exciting (inter)national artists and designers—some because of their directness, others through the original stories, and still others for the poetry and humor in their work. What they all share, however, is their fine craftsmanship.

Trained as an art historian, Doreen Timmers, the owner of Galerie Door, continuously looks for experimental and conceptual art pieces. All art works tell stories. At Galerie Door, these stories can roughly be divided into three themes:

  • The first theme is art inspired by the beauty of nature, also referred to as “The Sublime.”
  • The second theme deals with value—for example the value of material such as precious stones and gold versus the use of plastics considered as an everlasting, yet often viewed as worthless, material.
  • The third theme may be described as the painterly theme “naïve,” or art that reflects a tribal, folkloric type of expression, a universal language.

Galerie Door organizes exhibitions and events for artists to gain a broader audience, more publicity, and the chance of finding a new “home.” The artists offer you—the audience—a window into a different world, a new door that opens. We would love to welcome you!

Versantvoortstraat 1 (entrance Pastoor van Haarenstraat)
5464 TL Mariaheide
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 6 4233 7766

Find out more about Galerie Door’s Doreen Timmers by reading her 2018 interview on AJF.

Object Feature

Felicia Mülbaier, Gewand

Elwy Schutten, Elwy Schutten, (left) The Foreign Boy with Hoodie, (right) The Dumb Blonde, 2021, brooches, leather, wood, brass, soapstone, Plexiglas, silver, Remanium pin stem, (left) 70 x 70 x 8 mm, (right) 61 x 63 x 7 mm, photo courtesy of the artist

Coco Sung, On Offer

Danni Schwaag, ProChaine

Kun Zhang, Skim

Hartog & Henneman, Collection 2 1/2 D—Basic Ring

Typhaine le Monnier, NÓ: Knot a Decorative Complication 04.05.06

Sònia Pibernat, Drawing Movement Brooch

Taehee In, Untitled

Eva Burton, Bacon Twist

Colombe d’Humieres, Déclencheur Propulsive (Propelling Catalyst)

Idiots (Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker), Odd Couple

Valérie Wagner, Temps

Coco Sung, Pheromon, Oxy, Sero

Jutta Kallfelz, Eule

Coco Sung, Monster

Kun Zhang, Untitled, object/pin

Kun Zhang, Untitled

Philip Sajet, Nails

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