Galerie Biró

Olga Zobel founded Galerie Biró in 1992. Although the gallery initially specialized in plastic jewelry, it expanded its spectrum after plastic became a widespread artistic material. Today the gallery is dedicated to the leading representatives of contemporary jewelry.

Kinga Zobel joined the team in 2010. It is our common goal to make art jewelry known to a wider public through exhibitions and trade fair appearances in Germany and abroad. In doing so, we support and promote emerging artists and further develop the international reputation of the top representatives.

Zieblandstrasse 19
80799 Munich, Germany


Find out more about Galerie Biró’s Olga Zobel by reading her 2016 interview on AJF.


Object Feature

Margit Jäschke,

Takashi Kojima,

Gerd Rothmann,

Kasimir Oppermann,

Petra Zimmermann,

Robert Baines,

Philip Sajet,

Daniel Kruger,

Monica Cecchi,

Peter Skubic,

Gabi Dziuba,

Petra Zimmermann,

Karl Fritsch,

Kadri Mälk,

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