Four is a gallery and a workshop located the central part of Göteborg, Sweden. Four is a platform for discussions about art, jewelry, work, and inspiration. Its aim is to communicate jewelry art and to communicate with jewelry—making it visible and easy to access for a broad audience. The gallery presents some of the highlights from the jewelry scene, showing both international and Swedish artists, well established and emerging. The goal is to provide a diverse program interesting both for hard-core jewelry enthusiasts and visitors who are new to this art genre.

Management: Karin Roy Andersson

Members: Ammeli Engström, Linnéa Eriksson, Hanna Liljenberg, Karin Roy Andersson

Phone: +46730864249

Risåsgatan 5
411 22 Gothenburg

Find out more about Karin Roy Andersson by reading the 2017 interview on AJF.

Object Feature

Yojae Lee, Long-Horned Beetle

Zachery Lechtenberg, Today Your Word Is Law

Sanna Svedestedt Carboo, Cameo

Flóra Vági, Untitled

Flóra Vági, Dark Blooming

Danni Schwaag, Lilac-Green Rainbow

Danni Schwaag, Half-Round-Square

Camilla Luihn, Sitron

Camilla Luihn, Recent Events, Green

Philipp Spillmann, Tangled Up in Blue

Philipp Spillmann, Shell

Staffan Jonsson, Dear God Attach Me to Something Solid 2

Staffan Jonsson, Instinct/The Permanent Marks We Leave in Each Other

Klara Brynge, Flow III

Flóra Vági, Velvet Wood

Jutta Klingebiel, Left Eye

Junmin Bae, Microcosmos-33

Daniel Kruger, Untitled


Tove Knuts, Virkligen

Jenny Edlund, Untitled

Marianne Schliwinski,

Karin Johansson,

Volker Atrops,

Tove Knuts, Face Mask á la Orville Peck

Linnéa Eriksson,


Sanna Wallgren,

Koen Jacobs,

Benedikt Fischer,

Staffan Jonsson,

Sofia Björkman,

Rodrigo Acosta,

Zachery Lechtenberg,

Manami Aoki,

Tore Svensson,

Emma Dahlqvist,

Catarina Hällzon,

Xiaodai Huang,

Matt Lambert and Edward Cabral,

Tobias Andersson,

Hanna Liljenberg,

Sanna Svedestedt Carboo,

Coco Sung,

Sara Gackowska,

Shachar Cohen,

Anna Flogård,

Sofia Bankeström,

Agnieszka Knap,

Tamara Grüner,

Maria Rosa Franzin,

Jürgen Eickhoff,

Marianne Schliwinski,

Christian Hoedl,

Sofia Björkman,

Linnéa Eriksson,

Pernilla Persson,

Hanna Liljenberg,

Ammeli Engström,

Tanel Veenre,

Mia Maljojoki,

Åsa Christensson,

Yojae Lee,

Frieda Dörfer,

Stefano Zanini,

Benjamin Lignel,

Emmeline Hastings,

Flora Vagi, Velvet Wood, from the Soft Nature series

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