Baltimore Jewelry Center

Established in 2013, the Baltimore Jewelry Center is a 501c3 educational nonprofit building a vibrant creative community for the study and practice of metalworking for new and established artists. The Baltimore Jewelry Center is the preeminent independent jewelry and metalsmithing program in the Mid-Atlantic. We offer a curriculum that is on par with programs offered at art colleges across the United States, at a deeply discounted price. Both new and established metalsmiths and jewelers can access excellent equipment and knowledgeable support through our studio access program.

Through our gallery and exhibitions program, we expose the public to the breadth of contemporary jewelry. Our studio includes 450 square feet of gallery space where we host exhibitions featuring local, national, and international jewelry and metal artists. Since launching our exhibition program, we have hosted over 25 exhibitions and featured the work of more than 500 artists. The Baltimore Jewelry Center’s goal is to promote awareness of and appreciation for art jewelry specifically in the Mid-Atlantic.

Learn more about the Baltimore Jewelry Center by reading AJF’s interview here.


10 E. North Ave., Suite 130
Baltimore, MD 21202


Object Feature

Nicole Dest-Forrester, Hear No Evil, See a Little Bit, Speak on Nothing

Sarah Parker, Portrait of an Unapologetic American

Leslie Shershow, Short-Cut 2

Andy Lowrie, Cut, Bend #2

Jessica Andersen, On Display

Nathalie Maiello, Brooch (Blue)

Rebekah Gail Frank, Potential Space Necklace 2

Kristin Beeler, On Offer

Ben Cooke-Akaiwa, 167, 0, 21

Kate Dannenberg, Buttons

Samira Saheli, Viscera

Adam Atkinson, Orifice 3

Lydia Martin, Shift

Reed Fagan, Extruded Gosper Necklace

Sofia Bjorkman, Sunset Somewhere

Elaine Zukowski, Dreamsicle Brooch

Emily Rogstad, Loose Grid Brooch

Rachel Kedinger, One Clean Sweep Wall Art

Demitra Thomloudis, Proposed Excavation Brooch #1

Everett Hoffman, Neon Amethyst

Betsy Lewis, Heart Ingot

Lydia Martin, Passage

Cathryn Jasterzbski, Steel Board Pendant

Brice Garrett, Gemstones

Kristy Bujanic, A Portrait

Nils Hint, Gilded Cutlery

Francesca Vitali, Black and Gold Necklace

Jim Bové, The Drawing Series: Shadow Studies

Seth Papac, Torn Necklace

Sarah Holden, Untitled

Amanda Bartlett, Slime Cloud Rat

Eli Arenas, Untitled

Kelly Jean Conroy, Perch

Victor Beckmann, #followme

Reed Fagan Hilbert, 6 Peel

Hannah Oatman, Colorscape Brooch 10

Anne-Sophie Vallée, Cosmic Cookie no. 1

Sarah Holden, Red Steel Lace Necklace

Maria Eife, Lady Brooch

Lauren Kalman, Icons of the Flesh: Embodier (Collar)

Erin Hollis, I Love Lisa

Craig Howarth Movement Made Static, #7 Brooch, Craig Howarth Movement Made Static, #7 Brooch

Erica Bello, Radical Jewelry Makeover

Lyndsay Rice, Untitled #2

Rose Schlemmer, The Shirt I Wear Everywhere

Demitra Thomloudis, Over the Fence

Jolynn Santiago, Tension (Necklace)

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