Archivio Negroni

Archivio Negroni

Between Città Studi and Ortica, in that part of Milan rapidly revived from the post-war period, where factories and mills merged into the urban fabric, Archivio Negroni finds its place as keeper of the historical and cultural heritage of the workshop founded by Edoardo Negroni. Born at the dawn of the 50s, the workshop has produced burin-engraved artworks: rollers for rolling mills, punches, and molds that reproduce elements of classical silverware and many other ornamental details.

The newly restored open space, today conceived for temporary events and meetings, looks toward a wide glass wall that reveals the archive full of precious engraved rollers, drawings, and samples that, together with the historic rolling mills and manufacturing tools, tell us the story of a world of arts and crafts yet to be rediscovered. This is because the workshop aims at a relaunch as a dynamic and active “reservoir” rich in information and practical references. A new project of preservation, valorization, and promotion of this heritage in craftsmanship and entrepreneurial culture is in the process, and the upcoming years will see Archivio Negroni growing into a space that will be more and more available to an audience of experts and enthusiasts.

Veiled by a wall of glass, the archive and the studio represent a subtle but evocative presence of a place that is still alive and connects the past with the present, conferring an atmosphere and providing quality to a location that does not go unnoticed.

Attrezzeria Negroni, the Archivio Negroni’s workspace, is a journey through those visible and material aspects of last century’s Italian craftsmanship culture. Traditional machinery and rolling mills are meticulously kept and can still run for demonstration purposes. Together with the archive, which contains the precious inventory of chisels, molds and decorative patterns, manual tools and burins for refined manual finishes, all tell the story of the transformation of mechanical engraving techniques for silver- and goldsmithing and other metal ornamental decorations.


Archivio Negroni’s Contemporary Craft Room

Active in the international network of art jewelry and deeply involved with AGC (Italian association for contemporary jewellery), today Eliana Negroni relaunches the workshop in a cultural project which enlightens the archive and the inherited know-how, presenting new activities, temporary exhibitions, seminars, and lectures that go beyond the availability of the workshop for documentary and practical research. A flexible structure provides adaptation to any condition and will optimize the planning of both live and virtual activities.


Contemporary Jewelry Creators

Thanks to the last 10 years of the Gioielli in Fermento international competition and traveling exhibition, many artists and jewelry designers from all over the world are now related to the newborn Archivio Negroni and its current activities. Over 20 Italian and international artists and designers are represented in Archivio Negroni’s contemporary craft room, showing site-specific works from the Gioielli in Fermento collection or coming from a selected residencies program. The works, from the following artists, are available for art jewelry lovers and special exhibit events: Roberta Bernabei, Maura Biamonti, Michela Boschetto, Sébastien Carré, Corrado De Meo, Clara Del Papa, Maria Rosa Franzin, Nicoletta Frigerio, Gésine Hackenberg, Ryungjae Jung, Heng Lee, Gigi Mariani, Judy McCaigh, Renzo Pasquale, Adrienn Pesti, Alessandro Petrolati, Alba Polenghi Lisca, Stefano Rossi, Fumiki Taguchi, Yoko Takirai e Pietro Pellitteri, Fabrizio Tridenti, Annamaria Zanella.


By appointment. Find information and news about current activities.



Learn more about Eliana Negroni  by reading AJF’s interview with her here.


Via Filippo Tajani 3

Milano 20133, Italy


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Telephone: +39 0523 864773







Gioielli in Fermento 20|21 Edition virtual exhibition

Object Feature

Maura Biamonti, Sunlight

Fluxis by Mariangela Murgia and Alberto Catalano, Breaking

Maria Rosa Franzin, Archivio

Sara Shahak, Gettin' Red

Corrado De Meo, Still Untitled

Fabrizio Tridenti, Untitled

Fumiki Taguchi, Kuchitehazimari/As Time Goes By: Beginning When It Is Rotten

Yasuko Kanno, Shape of the Moment #2

Yoko Takirai and Pietro Pellitteri, Impressions

Maura Biamonti, Equilibrium

Gigi Mariani, Enjoy II—Composition

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