This volume, published as American Art Jewelry Today in the United Kingdom, provides an excellent entry into the field of art jewelry.

The book includes essays and a gallery section. Lewin’s introduction looks at the foundation of American art jewelry and seeks to define the parameters of art jewelry as a practice. Following Lewin’s text is an essay by Toni Greenbaum that is more historical in format and covers the period 1940 to 1980. The final essay by Suzanne Ramljak addresses the association between art jewelry and small-scale sculpture. Ramljak cites various contemporary art movements and the resultant response by art jewelers. There are numerous illustrations throughout each essay.

The second part of the book is a portfolio of jewelry artists. It includes many jewelers who are well-established names and each is presented through a brief essay and several photographs.

For those who are new to art jewelry this volume offers a wonderful introduction to many of the ideas and names in the field through its text and photographs.