Susan Pietzsch

Susan Pietzsch graduated as a jewelry designer and is based in Germany and Japan. She started to exhibit her work in 1997, featuring wearable jewelry pieces. Parallel to this, she started working with autonomous objects, independent from the body, presented as an installation where the adorning aspect is secondary to the artistic statement. Pietzsch founded Schmuck2 in the same year, and since then she has established a continuous international exhibition format. She has worked in different collaborations and published a series of catalogues through Schmuck2. The next issue will feature an inquiry into the possibility of transferring jewelry into hyper-reality. For the exhibition FINE at Art Foundation Saxony-Anhalt in Halle, Germany, Schmuck2 is presenting for the first time a special curated contribution within the context of a jewelry exhibition.

Articles by Susan Pietzsch

Schmuck 2

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