Margherita Potenza

Margherita Potenza’s worst fault, or maybe her best quality, is to always have her foot in both camps. She’s a designer, but also a writer. She’s Italian but also French. She lives in Amsterdam, London, and Milan at the same time. The only constant in her life is the love for creativity. She’s a maker, a designer, and a writer with an interest in site-specific works and body-related objects.

Potenza comes from an applied arts background and graduated from the Jewellery & Metal department at Royal College of Art, London. Recent projects include participating in the Stichting Françoise van den Bosch 2017 AiR programme, the launch of a jewelry line produced in limited editions, and a series of interviews with artists and designers, in collaboration with photographer Daniele de Carolis.

Articles by Margherita Potenza

Beppe Kessler: A Painter Who Makes Jewels

… And a Jewelry Maker Who Paints
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