Damian Skinner

Damian Skinner is an art historian and curator based in Gisborne, New Zealand. He edited the book Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective (Lark Books, 2013).

Articles by Damian Skinner

Defining Art Jewelry

Collector Susan Cummins in Conversation

How Jewelry Can Shape a Life
Otto Künzli, Susy from Beauty Gallery Series

Jewelry and the Body

Cristina Filipe, ...il est tout plat, et il a une émeraude, la plus belle que j’ai jamais vu... (after Tristan and Isolde)

Art Jewelry as a Public Art

Notes From the Border

Peter Hoogeboom, Show Your Teeth

Throwing Stones in Glass Houses: On Criticism, Art History and Critical Discourse

Lisa Walker: Necklace

Jane Adlin, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective: Pratt

Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective: Renwick

Vanity Fair On Jewellery

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