Anneleen Swillen

Anneleen Swillen is a postdoctoral researcher and tutor at PXL-MAD School of Arts and Hasselt University, located in Belgium. Her work revolves around the exploration of jewellery in a phygital culture through research in the arts, education, curation, and writing.
With a background in Object & Jewellery design and Curatorial Studies, she laid the groundwork for her PhD in arts, which she successfully defended in 2019 (PXL-MAD School of Arts and Hasselt University). Her doctoral research involved an artistic exploration of interactions between jewellery and presenting through creating performative installations, active archives and interdisciplinary publications.
In 2020, she founded "Artificial Intelligems" in collaboration with composer and computer artist Greg Scheirlinckx. As a fluid collective, currently working on the intersection of jewellery, graphic design, music, XR-performance, dance, and data science, they aim to explore more-than-human co-creation.

Articles by Anneleen Swillen

Exhibition view, Treasure Peninsula

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