Anja Eichler

Anja Eichler holds a PhD in economics and business administration. After several years of working in this field and being an avocational artist and jeweler, Eichler decided to leave this kind of life behind and went to study jewelry at Alchemia in Florence, Italy. She now works as a jeweler and is based between Shanghai and Berlin. Having the opportunity to live in an Asian country opened for her a new way of looking at and thinking about the world in general and jewelry in specific. Eichler became AJF Asia correspondent in 2013.

Articles by Anja Eichler

Offerings: A Portrait of Wang Zhenghong

Eastern Inch: A Western Story

China: Contemporary Jewelry on the Rise, Part 2

Griddle Incense Ass—or—Lost in Translation

China: Contemporary Jewelry on the Rise, Part 1

Ubi – “Where?”

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