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We each define luxury in our own way. For some, luxury is being served diamond tequila on their privately-owned Dassault Falcon en route to the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. For others—your author included—canned water with bubbles in it is the height of sheer indulgence. Still others would call a reliable form of shelter a “luxury.”

The V&A’s What is Luxury? exhibit posits that “the question of luxury is a personal one.” If a 22-karat gold hat is what you want, baby, nobody’s stopping you. It’s yours. Vision board it. If Nora Fok wants to spend three months hand-knitting 1003 individual bubbles out of nylon filament, hey, that’s her business. Follow your bliss. You deserve it!

What is Luxury? exhibit, image source:
What is Luxury? exhibit, image source:


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