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Casey Sheppard, Los Angeles, California, USA

Work Space nÂș5

I am lucky to have enough space for an office, work bench, and solder station all in separate rooms, keeps me moving. My office is filled with quotes, letters from friends, photos, different colors/styles of pens, journals, books/magazines, dictionaries, and a map/atlas. My work bench/solder stations have personal items, too. A headdress/gauntlets I made, banners from art festivals, old Nebraska license plates. I want my spaces to be filled with personal inspiring items; helps keep me grounded after long hours alone on the computer or at the workbench. It also keeps me connected to loved ones, colleagues/friends, old memories, and new ones to come. It’s very important for my process and life that I stay connected to my communities, filled with jewelry, art, traveling, entrepreneurs, writing, and mountain biking. Now to the goods, my tools. I enjoy cold connection and forming metal, so I have a bunch of hammers, anvils, metal rods, forming/riveting tools, and a ton of drill bits. I use a smith mini torch to anneal, anneal, anneal, solder, and I just learned how to weld! The tree stump comes in handy for forming metal, welding helmet to protect my pretty blues, and WD-40 for everything.

Casey Sheppard's studio, photo: artist
Casey Sheppard’s studio, photo: artist

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