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Image Source: Studio Roosegaarde
Image Source: Studio Roosegaarde

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, in a stunning show of disregard for everything capitalist society has to offer, has taken it upon himself to remove carbon particles out of our air. The carbon particles we’ve worked so hard to put into the air. After everything we’ve done to move society forward! Well, guess what—if it weren’t for the industrial revolution, you wouldn’t have been able to build your precious smog tower, Daan!

Clearly there’s a socialist agenda here at play, what with the giving away of clean air for free. Apparently Daan Roosegaarde does seem to understand one thing about the consumer market—the simple act of breathing fresh air is not incentive enough for anyone to put money into. First he needs to convince potential investors that they need their air cleaned—thus this elaborate, bizarre smear campaign against so-called “pollution.” Does he really think we’ll believe that carbon residue in the air is unhealthy and abnormal? Ha ha, nice try, but your little plan will never work!


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