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Mi Raza Por Givenchy

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Marie Claire UK has spotted a trend in maximalist facial jewelry and piercings that maximalize all available face, a trend inspired by last month’s AW15 Givenchy show. Designer Riccardo Tisci used the term “Chola Victorian” to describe his reimagining of Winona Ryder’s character from Beetlejuice in the stereotypical trappings of a historically marginalized Mexican-American female subculture. Although this isn’t the world’s first Latin/moody Goth crossover—see the Mexican-American embrace of Morrissey—there’s something about non-Hispanics and, most noticeably, white fashion models appropriating the visual identifiers of an ethnic group long discriminated against by privileged whites that raises more than a few pencil-thin eyebrows.

Givenchy AW15, source:
Givenchy AW15, source:


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