Leatrice S Eagle, JD, ASA, AAA


Eagle Associates, LLC
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Services offered to art owners include valuation to meet all requirements, planning and advisory services, and collection management.

• Pre-acquisition and pre-disposition valuations inform buyers of market levels for a specific piece by a particular artist

• Valuations for insurance purposes assure owners of accuracy of coverage

• Valuations at the time of charitable donations satisfy IRS standards

• Valuations to meet needs of insurance claims, divorce adjudications, and other essential actions satisfy the standards of the particular requirement

Planning and advisory:

As an attorney, expert appraiser, and knowledgeable participant in the art world, Leatrice Eagle is highly qualified to work with clients in developing and implementing plans for the future of their collections. These could include sale on the secondary market or at auction, charitable donation, gift to non-qualified recipient, and combinations of two of more of these possibilities. Ms Eagle provides guidance on tax implications, timing issues, contract terms and conditions, and other factors that affect the benefits that may accrue to her clients.

Collection management:

In appraising a collection, Ms Eagle’s staff builds a database of the information required to satisfy all of valuation needs of an assignment including key data elements and images. A copy of the database (and of the software required to continue to maintain it) is offered to clients.


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