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You’re stepping out tonight, on your way to the The Art of the Brick exhibition opening. You pause in front of the mirror. You have your LEGO handbag tucked gracefully under your arm, packed full of LEGO chocolates to tide you over on the taxi ride. But it feels like something’s missing, doesn’t it? You need one more accessory to complete this ensemble … a jewelry piece, perhaps. A brooch, yes, a brooch, clearly. But what kind of brooch? Now, I was never one to go packing up all my white jumpsuits the day after Labor Day, but if there’s any sort of rule on matching LEGO with LEGO, wouldn’t it have to be more LEGO? Yes, that’s it—your emiko oye LEGO brooch. The one you received when you donated to AJF. Wait, what’s that? Heavens, you didn’t forget to donate, did you? Oh, but you better get on it, fashionista—life’s too short to go improperly adorned!

LEGO handbag by Agabag, image source:
LEGO handbag by Agabag, image source:


  • The current AJF Staff Writer is Dina Noto. In the past, our staff writers have included Susan Cummins, Bonnie Levine, and Kerianne Quick, among others. 

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