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Art Jewelry Forum Is Officially Wikipedia-Real!

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College professors worldwide tear out a thousand metric tons of their own hair each year whenever they see Wikipedia cited as a reference in student term papers. However, Wikipedia still holds the power in today’s society to confer existence itself to all manner of people, places, thoughts, ideas, and things. Wikipedia is the alchemical force that can transmute the unknown into the known—all that is listed upon the digital pages of Wikipedia is “real,” and all that cannot be found within the Wiki realm might as well not even exist.

Gentle reader, we have now entered a time in our civilization’s history where Art Jewelry Forum, and, in turn, the contemporary art jewelry field as a whole, is now “Wikipedia-Real”. Those who pass the mystical initiation rites of Wikipedia verification consequently attain visibility and credibility in digital information culture; knowledge of AJF and its mission of art jewelry advocacy is now readily accessible to anyone, be they artist or enthusiast, merely curious, or facing a midterm deadline.

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    The current AJF Staff Writer is Dina Noto. In the past, our staff writers have included Susan Cummins, Bonnie Levine, and Kerianne Quick, among others. 

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