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Anna Davern, Melbourne, Australia

Work Space nÂș4

This is my world. It’s the space that I occupy at Northcity4 studios in Brunswick, Melbourne. These studios are home to 10 other jewelers and it’s truly a great place to work. The philosophy of Northcity4 is community based, so the space is very open and we share knowledge, tools, laughter, meals, cups of tea, and beer!

I decided not to clean up before taking the photo, as that wouldn’t give a true representation of how I work! I had my bench made 20 years ago while I was studying at Sydney College of the Arts. I’ve been thinking it might be time for an upgrade, as I’d love a bench with a set of drawers to one side and a lemel tray rather than the bag that I have now. In the foreground is a set of plan drawers, which are a recent purchase, and I love them as they have solved the problem I have of not being able to throw anything away! To the left, under the window, is my desk, where I spend a lot more time than I would like to in front of the computer.

Anna Davern
Anna Davern’s studio, photo: artist

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