AJF 2012 Jewelry Exhibition Award

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Randy J. Long, Indiana University
Randy J. Long, Professor of Art and Head of Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, Indiana University

While the world of contemporary studio artist jewelry is ever changing; there are also distinct movements, or Shifts that define a particular time and place. In this second decade of the 21st century artists are confronted with a world that is dramatically different from only ten years ago. Smart phones and online social media have transformed how we think, interact and engage with the world.  Giant strides in new software and technologies have made innovative materials more mainstream and affordable. Plus, the continual rise in the cost of precious and non-precious metals, reinterpretation of the found object, and the influence of recycle and ‘upcycle’, have introduced a variety of new supplies and resources.  This exhibition will reveal the changes or Shift of methodologies, materials, and techniques taking place today and will highlight the work of artists who are redefining the field.

Members of the jury for the 2012 AJF Exhibition Grant were: Perry Price, curator at the Fuller Craft Museum, who received the grant in 2010; Toni Greenbaum, independent curator and author of Messengers of Modernism: American Studio Jewelry 1940-1960; and Susan Cummins, Chair of Art Jewelry Forum. 

Perry Price commented, “The exhibition presents a compelling and exhaustive look at the important players and moments of the contemporary studio jewelry movement.  The criteria for selecting the artists and the voice of the exhibition should not only reach those already familiar with the field but introduce material to audiences unfamiliar with art jewelry to date”.  Toni Greenbaum added, “This proposal provided the most compelling, evolved and exciting concept, along with the infrastructure to produce a winning show.”

The Shift exhibit will feature the work of approximately 25 national and international artists.  It will be held at Indiana University’s Grunwald Gallery in October 2013, in conjunction with the second international symposium Current Concepts: Materials, Methods & Processes.



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