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2019 Munich Jewellery Week

The most significant showcase of avant-garde contemporary jewelry


Join us for AJF in Conversation and Members-Only Dinner

AJF will visit Munich, Germany, from March 14 to March 16, 2019, for the annual Schmuck exhibition known as Munich Jewellery Week. If you’re planning on attending, please try to join us for the following:

AJF In Conversation: Curators & Collectors: How They Choose

Thursday, March 14, 9:00–10:30 a.m., Galerie Handwerk, Max-Joseph-Straße 4, Munich

Moderator: Susan Cummins

Panelists: Deedie Rose, Toni Greenbaum, Anni Nørskov Mørch, and Karen Pontoppidan


AJF in Conversation: The Next Generation of Gallerists

Friday, March 15, 9:00–10:30 a.m., Galerie Handwerk, Max-Joseph-Straße 4, Munich

Moderator: Bella Neyman, curator and co-founder of NYC Jewelry Week

Panelists: Atty Tantivit, Atta Gallery; Karin Roy Andersson, Four; Irene Belfi, Irene Belfi; Elena and Chiaralice Rizzi, Oh My Blue; Jenna Shaifer, Ombre Gallery




Susan Beech Mid-Career Grant Winner Announcement

Saturday, March 16, 5:15 p.m.

The 2019 Susan Beech Mid-Career Grant winner will be announced at 5:15 p.m. at the IHM (Internationale Handwerksmesse) Main Stage. This important event recognizes the vision and leadership of Susan Beech in creating this once-in-a-lifetime grant opportunity, as well as celebrating the lucky and talented winner of the grant. We hope you’ll plan to be there to celebrate with AJF.


AJF Members-Only Dinner Celebrating AJF and the 2019 Susan Beech Mid-Career Grant Winner

Saturday, March 16, 6:30 p.m.

Join AJF’s executive director, board members, and others in AJF’s community to congratulate and get to know the Susan Beech Mid-Career Grant winner at the Kuffler California Kitchen. Spend time discussing the many amazing exhibitions seen during the week over a glass of wine and a fantastic dinner with people who care about art jewelry as much as you do.




We hope to see you and think about jewelry together during this vibrant week of jewelry appreciation and celebration.


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