2005 SOFA Speaker

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In 2005, Noam Elyashiv gave a lecture at SOFA NY. This lecture was sponsored by AJF.

Noam Elyashiv’s work is pure, intensely modern and elegantly minimal. Each piece, seemingly abstract yet rooted in autobiography, hints at much deeper meaning and in her words, ‘leaves breathing space for the viewer’s curiosity and personal interpretation.’ Recognized as one the best emergent studio jewelers, Elyashiv has an unerring eye for simple form and an uncommon appreciation of the creative process, ‘the constant dialog between the idea, the hand and the object.’ She works on many pieces simultaneously and sees the time spent in the studio as a quest that requires constant journeying through the ‘in-between’ of many pieces.

She is a working artist and professor at the Rhode Island School of Design. Intensely interested in the creative process, through her work she explores the constant dialogue between idea, hand and object. For her, ‘the entire process is the most creative part of the piece – drawings, photographs, writings are all equally important. The final piece is only one glimpse into a deeper thought.’

Commenting on her work, eminent jeweler and jewelry historian David Watkin noted that ‘The pervading sense is of relaxed restraint, tempered by a joy in plain expression – so much can be achieved by so little. Let the metal work, why push harder? The resonances are completely coherent. The pieces achieve a dry, archeological, out-of-the sand, biblical sonority – simplicity and conviction make all the right connections.’

The characteristics she believes collectors should have are open-mindedness, a developed and unique perspective and the ability to take creative risks. Her award-winning work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Europe and Israel and can be seen at Sienna Gallery, Lennox, Massachusetts.


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