2005: Sergey Jivetin

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This year’s winner of the EAA, a runner up from last year, is Sergey Jivetin, an MFA graduate of SUNY New Paltz now living in Brooklyn, New York City. He receives an award of $2000.

His use of manufactured watch hands as modular-design elements yields jewelry that is visually complex and layered with meaning. The quality of the work submitted this year was, according to the judges, superb, making their task all the more challenging. Davira Taragin, Director of Exhibitions and Programs, Racine Art Museum, Don Firedlich, past president of the Society of North American Goldsmiths and a studio jeweler and AJF member Mia McEldowney, collector and independent curator, worked their way through this year’s entries.

As well as awarding $2000 to Sergey Jivetin, the jury also cited two other applicants in the finalist grouping: Anya Pinchuk and Natalya Pinchuk. All have a fresh and personal voice, conceptual sophistication and technical skills.

You can read an interview with Sergey on AJF here

Sergey Jivetin
Sergey Jivetin, Battle Formation, photo: artist


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