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The Department of Metalwork & Jewelry at Kookmin University deals with a wide range of materials, from metal to new materials for creative works, and further provides professional education based on theories and techniques of metalwork as well as new technology-based training. The department has maintained its reputation as one of the most competitive educational institutions internationally through world-class faculty, a specialized studio environment, numerous scholarship programs, and an exchange student system with the world’s leading metalworking schools.

Educational Goals
Based on the theoretical understanding of the social and cultural values of crafts, the Department of Metalwork & Jewelry aims to cultivate creative talents in elegant and unique daily goods, ornaments, furniture, sculptures and crafts, and culture-related planning, delivering contemporary sentiment of crafts through the balanced design development process for creative and artistic craftwork and commercialization.

The curriculum of the Department of Metalwork and Jewelry is largely divided into five major areas. These five fields advance from the foundation to the applications throughout the school year and are linked organically with the process of creation. They include “Design Practice,” “Metal Crafts,” “Jewelry,” “Industrial Products,” and “Crafts and Arts Theory.”

Our program has a practice studio where each individual student has his or her own workbench and a shared machine room, an application laboratory, a polishing room, and a smithing room. The machine room is equipped with a large-size shearing machine, lathe, milling machine, rolling mill, and lapidary equipment. The polishing room is equipped with various polishing and buffing machines and sandblasting machine. In addition, the application laboratory is equipped with an electroforming machine, anodizing machine, 3D printer, welding machine, micro welder, precision casting machine, and enameling kiln. The smithing room is well equipped with various stakes, anvils, and equipment for metal forming, which is the basis of metalwork, and they are well maintained at all times. All facilities and materials are managed by a dedicated technician and graduate teaching assistants.

Young-il Jeon received a BFA from the department of applied art of Seoul National University and an MFA from Miami University in the US. He has had six solo exhibitions, including Places of Objects (2015), and numerous national and international group exhibitions, including the 2018 Munich Handwerksmesse, in which he received the Bayerischer Staatspreis. His works are in the permanent collections of the MMCA, Chiwoo Craft Museum, Korea, and the V&A, UK.

Yongin Chung received a BFA from Kookmin University and an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US. He has had many group exhibitions and invitational solo exhibitions at major galleries throughout the world. His works are permanently collected in the MMCA, Chiwoo Craft Museum, and art galleries. His recent major research areas are 3D CAD, digital processing in metal works, and effective industrial processing in metal products, as well as 3D printing applications. His research on 3D studies has been published as books.

Dongchun Lee received a BFA from Kookmin University and a diploma from the Pforzheim in Germany. Since then, he has been researching contemporary jewelry and experimenting with the expansion of the formative and conceptual realm of jewelry through organizing various exhibitions. He has had 12 solo exhibitions and numerous significant group exhibitions ever since he had a solo exhibition in Germany and Seoul in 2000, and his works are in the permanent collections of art museums and galleries.

Yeonmi Kang received her BFA and MFA from Seoul National University and a second MFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US. Along with six solo shows, she has participated in many invitational shows nationally and internationally. She received the first AJF Artist Award, and her works are collected by art museums including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, US. She has been researching the application of narratives concerning human conditions and related themes in contemporary art jewelry. Recently, she is also interested in research and development in the area of craft-based living design.

Jiyeon Hyun received a BFA and MFA from Seoul National University and a second MFA from the University of Central England, UK. Since 1997, she has been researching hollowware and jewelry with enameling and silversmithing techniques, and has shown her works in five solo exhibitions, various group exhibitions, and fairs. Since 2001, she has co-worked with the Korean cultural brand VIUM, the Leeum Museum, the National Museum of Korea, the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, and the Seoul Design Foundation, sharing interest in traditional Korean culture and cultural products development.

Sungyeoul Lee received his BFA from Kookmin University and MFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US. He served as an artist in residence at ACC, US, and taught silversmithing and jewelry in the US for several years. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout the world and have won many awards, including a grand prize at Cheongju International Craft Biennale and second place in the Saul Bell Design Award. His works are in the permanent collections of the Sparta Teapot Museum in North Carolina and the Cheongju Craft Biennale Association. He has also presented numerous workshops and lectures around the US and Canada, including VCU, BGSU, and NSCAD.

RECENT GRADUATES: If you recently received a degree–BA, BFA, MA, or MFA–from this university, everything you need to know to upload your graduate portfolio can be found at this link.

Graduate Portfolios
Coffee Roaster_Brass, Birch, Rubber, electrical parts_375x415x320mm_photo by Myungwook Hur

Bonghwan Kim, MFA, 2018

Hug_candle holder_copper, silver plated_2017_230x130x120mm_Munch studio

Junsik Lee, MFA, 2018

Oil Lamp Series_Oil Lamp Series_copper, brass, lacker, gold plated_150x150x100mm_Munch studio

Junhee Lee, MFA, 2018

sauce bowl_sauce bowl_copper, maple, silver plated_2016_390x245x120mm_KCstudio

Jisu Lim, MFA, 2018

Phallus luteus_spoon_ sterling silver_2015_95 x 330 x 40 mm_Munch studio

Yejoo Lee, MFA, 2018

tangram food container_copper, stainless steel, lacquer, walnut_2017_jihyun kim

Jihyun Kim, MFA, 2018


Noeul Park, MFA, 2018

bicycle_walnut, steel, duralumin, bicycle parts_2016_400x1600x600_photo by solwonlee

Solwon Lee, BFA, 2017

untitled_jiyoung Jang_brooch_sterling silver, copper, enamel, white porcelain_2017_85x80x35_kc studio

Jiyoung Jang, MFA, 2017

Untitled_brooch_silicone,resin,nylon thread_140x180x3mm,135x250x35mm_2017_KCstudio

Jiwon Yang, MFA, 2017

Jungyoung Ahn, BFA, 2017

carmen of passion_2017_necklace_st.silver_60x20mm_Munckstudio

Soonin Han, MFA, 2017

flying powder_2017_nacklace_fabric,thread,cotton_200x290x10mm_KCstudio

Yoojin Doh, MFA, 2017

butterfly flies_bracelet_st.silver,mother of pearl_950x650mm_KCstudio

Sungae Kim, MFA, 2017

Forest of Coexistence, 2017, brooch, fine silver, sterling silver, nickel silver, gold leaf, ottchil, 100 X 130 X 20 mm, photo : Kwangchoon Park

Jongseok Lim, MFA, 2016

Pleasure of meditation3, brooch, glass, plastic, sterling silver, 70x90x25mm, photo: kc studio

Seulki Lee, MFA, 2016

bloom1 ,candle holder, brass, nickel, 2016, 150×180×180mm, KCstudio

Hyuncheol Lim, MFA, 2016

Flowers and Insects_brooch_brass, fine silver, sterling silver, copper, jade_2016_13x55x72mm_KCstudio

Hongjoo Uhm, MFA, 2016

Fishing_tea infuser set_sterling silver, brass, copper, basswood_2016_250x105x60mm_Munch studio

Yongbin Kong, BFA, 2016

small decorative table_side  table_steel, pvc ink_2016_390x390x450mm_KC studio

Wooyang Lee, MFA, 2016

untitled_brooch_stainless steel, horse hair_2016_95 x 120 x 80mm_KC studio

Yehnim Park, MFA, 2016

untitled_3D printed stool_nylon_2016_320×320×410_KCstudio

Ryungjae Jung, MFA, 2016

Wall decorations_acrylic, steel, lacquer paint_2016_260x240x50mm_yeahjee Yoon

Yeahjee Yoon, BFA, 2016

solitaire signet ring_2016_ring series_st.silver,cubic zirconia,various sizes_KCstudio

Alicejee Jung, MFA, 2016

Our lost friend2_2016_brooch_st.silver,plastic,steel,gold plated_55x110x20mm_KCstudio

Jiyoung Kim, MFA, 2016

Hemisphere/2015/Tableware set (Tea-things)/copper,Ash,ott-chil,Silver plating/19x35x17/Munch Studio

Shin Yi-Seul, MFA, 2015

Chopping BirdⅠ_Jooyeon Lee_cheeze knife & cutting board_stainless steel, maple, lacquer_2015_150 x 35 x 85mm, 260 x 190 x 24mm_KCstudio

Jooyeon Lee, MFA, 2015

combine2_Joohyung Park_brass, led light, bulb, lighting parts_2015_250x180x165 mm_Munch studio

Joohyung Park, MFA, 2015

Split pepper mill1_pepper mill_brass_2015_ 56 X 56 X 245.5mm _KCstudio

Jiyeon Lee, MFA, 2015

rise2_brooch_resin, st.silver_2015_45 x 110 x 35mm_KCstudio

Soobin Lee, MFA, 2015

Take apart Scissors_stainless steel, brass_2015_200x70x20mm_KCstudio

Jooyeon Lee, MFA, 2015

totem2_incense holder_brass, copper_2015_ 300x240x230 mm_Munch studio

Gahee Song, MFA, 2015

Wine bottle and tied water bottle_bag_cow leather_2015_430x320x75mm_KCstudio

Joonsu Kim, MFA, 2015


Namkyung Lee, MFA, 2015

Architecture series, 2014, brooch, st.silver, wood, polmer clay, 93x108x18, KC studio

Hyowon Lee, MFA, 2014

Mantis_brooch_frog skin, leather, sterling silver_2014_110x320x227mm_KC studio

Yojae Lee, MFA, 2014

Korean winter hazel_necklace_sterling silver_2014_150x170x45mm_KCstudio

Heejin Lee, MFA, 2014

proliferations 4_heeang Kim_necklace_polymer clay, sterling silver_2014_555mm_photo.KC studio

Heeang Kim, MFA, 2014

things that convey a heart2_2014_brooch_st.silver,copper,enamel,agate,dendrite_56x48x9mm,52x52x9mm_KCstudio

Yunjoo Uhm, MFA, 2014

rigami Chair_2013_steel, powder coating_800x700x900_KC studio

Jaeryong Won, BFA, 2013

A man sitting on the violin_Table object_nickel, brass, copper, found object_2017_330x190x300mm_KC studio

Sangduk Han, MFA, 2013

Untitled_yejee Lee_necklace_brass, leather, ram skin_2013_ 250×350×30mm_photo.KC studio

Yejee Lee, MFA, 2013

Work4.3.3_wine accessories_copper, wood, lacquer_2013_ 140×45×50mm_Munch studio

Soyoung Min, MFA, 2013

echo_jihyun Oh_bell series_brass_2012_80x250x70mm_KCstudio

Jihyun Oh, MFA, 2012


Youngkyung Lee, MFA, 2012

Fifth season, 2010, necklace, enameled copper, leather, thread, 145×105×80㎜(pendant), photo: Huh, Myoung Wook

Heejoo Kim, MFA, 2011

Untitled_2011_necklac_st.silver,stainless steel wire_25x21x3.5cm_Munchstudio

Joohee Hwang, MFA, 2011

YB Necklace, 2013, necklace, plastic, beads, elastic, 320x320x55xmm, photo by Munch studio

Choonsun Moon, MFA, 2010

The evolution of defense_brooch_silicone, pigment, thread, paper, plastic_2013_180x105x70mm_KC studio

Seulgi Kwon, MFA, 2010

spore shaker_sterling silver_2006_85x70x70mm_Munch studio

Heather Bayless, MFA, 2007

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