Birmingham City University

The internationally renowned School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University is the largest in Europe, with unrivalled facilities and expertise to study and develop a career.

Located across sites at the heart of Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter, the original school on Vittoria Street was founded in 1890. Today the Venetian Gothic facade conceals a contemporary award-winning environment that includes multiple jewelry studios, a horology suite, specialist lower ground floor technical workshops, the CAD CAM Technical Hub & Research Centre, and a gallery. The Carver Street building houses the gemology students and business jewelry course and is also home to the Birmingham Assay Office.

The program covers all aspects of jewelry, silversmithing, horology, gemology, and business management, working with a wide variety of materials including precious and nonprecious metals, gemstones, plastics, textiles, wood, and other experimental materials. Students also benefit from an enviable range of cutting-edge equipment and technology used in today’s industry, including electroforming, vacuum casting, and CAD/CAM 3D printing, sintering, and cutting, to name but a few.

Graduating students have a wide spectrum of employability, including self-employment as designer/makers setting up their own studios or employment for larger companies, including the Assay Office, Tiffany’s, Tag Heuer, Cartier, and De Beers.

Vittoria Street Gallery

Located in the heart of Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter, the Vittoria Street Gallery is a unique exhibition venue situated within the School of Jewellery. With its established reputation for education and an international research center, the School of Jewellery offers a prime location for the gallery.

The gallery hosts a dynamic program of exhibitions and events that spans the breadth of the jewelry discipline and other associated art and design practices. It showcases a wide variety of creative practice by artists, educators, researchers, and practitioners, spanning a range of projects from commercial to contemporary, from handcrafted to digital technologies, and across experimental thinking, new ideas, technical innovation, and skilled craftsmanship, all of which seek to celebrate creative endeavor.

RECENT GRADUATES: If you recently received a degree–BA, BFA, MA, or MFA–from this university, everything you need to know to upload your graduate portfolio can be found at this link.

Graduate Portfolios

Yuxin Li, MA, 2018

Yichen Wang, MA, 2018

Yanyu Chen, MA, 2018

Xingxing Yu, MA, 2018

Naomi Clarke, MA, 2018

Jingyao Sun, MA, 2018

Chloe Henderson, MA, 2018

Haochen Shi, MA, 2018

Yuexin He, MA, 2018

Yichen Wang, MA, 2018

Yahan Fan, MA, 2018

Yuxin Li, MA, 2018

Olivia Marsha, MA, 2018

Yenchen Wang, MA, 2016

YI-JEN CHU, MA, 2016

Zijun Liu, MA, 2016

Zhiyue Shao, MA, 2016

Yuying Chen, MA, 2016

Shuya Hu, MA, 2016

Xenia Walschikow, MA, 2016

Chi-fen Weng, MA, 2016

Palat Jiraputtinan, MA, 2016

Mingyu Yang, MA, 2016

Sikai He, MA, 2016

Simin Zhong, MA, 2016

Yi-Jen Chu, MA, 2016

Rie Makino, MA, 2016

Qian Wang, MA, 2016

Keyi Yan, MA, 2016

Karen Lester, MA, 2016

Zijun Liu, MA, 2016

Jing Dong, MA, 2016

Xin Qiao, MA, 2016

Xiayo Chen, MA, 2016

Shuang Feng, MA, 2016

Davina Pogson, MA, 2016

Du Juan, MA, 2016

Chenchen He, MA, 2016

Charlotte Smith, MA, 2016

Yen-Chen Wang, MA, 2016

Yawen Zhang, MA, 2016

Hao Zhong, MA, 2015

Zheng Yu, MA, 2015

Hangchen Duan, MA, 2015

Jing Zhang, MA, 2015

Yunqian Li, MA, 2015

Youdi Luo, MA, 2015

Yu-Ting Lin, MA, 2015

Jieyuan Kuang, MA, 2015

Chenjiajing Shao, MA, 2015

Zhaoran He, MA, 2015

Yu-Chu Huang, MA, 2015

Boya Yu, MA, 2015

Yuan Ruan, MA, 2015

Lana Crabb, MA, 2015

Chang Han, MA, 2015

Yingzhou Sun, MA, 2015

Zheheng Ye, MA, 2015

Junyang Xu, MA, 2015

Shen Jiang, MA, 2015

Yu Zhang, MA, 2015

Jingheng Li, MA, 2015

Jing Li, MA, 2015

Fanmiao Tang, MA, 2015

Tianyin Xu, MA, 2015

Xiaofeng Guo, MA, 2015

Tianshu Chou, MA, 2015

Anqi Di, MA, 2015

Shichu Xia, MA, 2015

Francisca Onumah, MA, 2015

Robert Goldsworthy, MA, 2015

Francesca Antonello, MA, 2015

Nan-chiang Huang, MA, 2014

Pei-chen Tsai, MA, 2014

Mengyun Gu, MA, 2014

Ning Tian, MA, 2014

Josefine Ronsholt Smith, MA, 2014

Muxin Yan, MA, 2014

Biluo Liu, MA, 2014

Menglu Huang, MA, 2014

Chiawen Tsai, MA, 2014

Zichun Lin, MA, 2014

Yuzhu Huang, MA, 2014

Ziyi Yang, MA, 2014

Chialin Kao, MA, 2014

Shiyun Liu, MA, 2014

Dian Luo, MA, 2014

Yuanman Li, MA, 2014

Annelisse Pfeifer, MA, 2014

Haoxuan Wang, MA, 2014

Minlei Hu, MA, 2014

Yen-ting Chien, MA, 2014

Suyuan Yang, MA, 2014

Mengnan Zi, MA, 2014

Yang Yu, MA, 2014

Chienchun Hung, MA, 2014

Chia-ju Tsai, MA, 2014

Qiwei Yang, MA, 2014

Woh-Jou Fan Chiang, MA, 2014

Nuala Clooney, MA, 2014

Yaying Chen, MA, 2014

Xia Yang, MA, 2014

Hanlu Li, MA, 2014

Chen Zhao, MA, 2014

Nan Li, MA, 2013

Imogen Clarkstone, MA, 2013

Sian Hughes, MA, 2013

Pasu Roungpanyaroj, MA, 2013

Lalitsuda Settaapithan, MA, 2013

Qian Zhang, MA, 2013

Xiaoxiang Xiong, MA, 2013

Richard Baxter, MA, 2013

Atushi Verma, MA, 2013

Julia Toledo, MA, 2013

Humphrey Wong, MA, 2013

Yanhui Xu, MA, 2013

Chen Liang, MA, 2013

Lesong Huang, MA, 2013

Bingrui Tian, MA, 2013

Yuan Huang, MA, 2013

Wentao Ning, MA, 2013

Taidi Wang, MA, 2013

Rachel Darbourne, MA, 2013

Puyi Yang, MA, 2013

Xiao Liu, MA, 2013

Tzu Jung Wu, MA, 2012

Yu-Fang Wu, MA, 2012

I-Hsuan Chen, MA, 2012

Zita Hsu, MA, 2012

Shih-Ching Hsu, MA, 2012

Liangchao Shao, MA, 2012

Apawan Kultawanich, MA, 2012

Xiaoying Zhao, MA, 2012

Shih-Dea ( Deborah) Tseng, MA, 2012

Yan Zhang, MA, 2012

Ming Gu, MA, 2012

Yun-Chin (Dorry) Hsu, MA, 2012

Lydia Feast, MA, 2012

Kirsty Pearson, MA, 2012

I-Ting Ho, MA, 2012

Xuru Kim, MA, 2012

Nanna Grønborg, MA, 2012

Wen-Miao Yeh, MA, 2012

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, MA, 2012

Drew Markou, MA, 2012

Yen-Yu Chang, MA, 2012

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