Writing Program

Inspire, engage, and deepen the conversation.

This is the most visible part of what Art Jewelry Forum does. AJF provides a platform for the wearers, the makers, and the thinkers invested in art jewelry to share the stories and lessons that jewelry brings to our world.

Contemporary art jewelry walks a line related to, but separate from, fashion, design, craft, sculpture, and architecture. And it drifts over that line all the time. AJF drifts with it and attempts to capture the essence of the passion that drives the conversation.

There are three ways to share your thoughts and be published on AJF’s website:

OPEN CALL: AJF’s open call for essay proposals is year-round. The proposals are curated by our distinguished editorial advisory committee.

LIBRARY: You can submit digital content to AJF’s Library to be shared on an open-access archive created to assist collectors, curators, and others discover jewelry.

SUSAN CUMMINS’S INVITATIONAL GRANT: This well-funded research grant is available by invitation only.

AJF’s website is read and researched by people curious about jewelry as an art form–your ideas belong here.

Participate in the conversation.


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