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Art jewelry is a passion.
When you wear your jewelry, do people wonder, “What is that?”

Despite bewildering friends, family, and the grocery store clerk, you persist in wearing what you love and are a unique individual who stands out in a crowd.

You aren’t alone. There’s a community that understands the choices you make every time you leave your house, adorned and beautifully appointed in your favorite pieces.

The jewelry we love walks a line related to, but separate from, fashion, design, craft, sculpture, and architecture. And, in fact, from other jewelry as well. We are counter-culture, valuing authenticity and the human ability to skillfully make objects of desire.

Art Jewelry Forum’s community is a band of artists, collectors, enthusiasts, curators, and gallerists who love what you love. We believe this unique art form and your artistic expression are a perfect match. Through AJF, you can be connected to the beauty and intelligence of art jewelry and the people who wear it through curated jewelry-focused experiences around the world.


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