Pei Wu

A background in architecture study gives Pei Wu a sensitivity to others and the surroundings.

Pei’s way of working is relatively intuitive and intimate, intentionally focused on feeling and emotional expression. Yet the rigorous logic and preciseness in the work are hard to ignore. Personal feelings have been a great influence and the source of inspiration for her. Through collecting more relevant stories from the surroundings and going as deep as possible to reach the source, Pei tries to bring her story to a social level, to tell it in a way that could resonate with the public. The emotion she expressed shaped the material, mainly stones, into their specific forms. The quietness in her work is from a frozen moment of action, a movement. People often find her work soft and gentle in the beginning, but then the tension and weight come after. The soft touch of the material contrasts with the oppressive form; the adorable appearance hides a touch of insecurity.

Check out Pei Wu’s Maker PDF in AJF’s Library. It’s a convenient one-page fact sheet.

Read the artist’s statement

Artist’s statement: The combination of all senses reflects the state of mind under her story. “We are all very similar,” Pei believes. She communicates with the others by expressing her deepest feelings.

Pei Wu CV (pdf download)


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