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Jewelry-making techniques bring materials together within a composition. Techniques construct the interrelationship among parts so that they preserve a shape, yet still allow the piece of jewelry to move with the person as the jewelry is worn. And techniques manipulate the essence of the whole of the piece so as to convey the artist’s intent and match it to the desires of wearer, viewer, buyer, seller, exhibitor, collector, student, and teacher. Technique is more than mechanics. It is a philosophy. Thoughts transformed into choices. Part of this philosophy is understanding the role of technique to interrelate space and mass. Space and mass are the raw materials of jewelry forms. Technique reduces the contrast between them in a controlled way and with significance for designer and client. Techniques have special relationships to light, texture, and ornamentation. Technology enables us to expand our technical prowess with new materials, processes, styles, and forms

Techniques and Technologies
Warren Feld
design, theory, technology
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Warren Feld Jewelry
design studies, art theory, Jewelry Design
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