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The Sift Collection is about sifting through our inner selves. This activity should be performed all the time and will keep us conscious about the world that surrounds us.

Each ring from this collection represents a temple dedicated to the activity of sifting. Every human being has its own yin and yang, the duality of black and white, and our task is to always be prone to analyze, think, and feel about balancing our nature.

The collection's ancient appearance is a reminder that our roots are deeply hidden in the past and the reason we are still what we are is our understanding of the past.

The Sift collection consists of 21 sculptural and wearable rings made of bronze, some of which have negative intaglio sculptures in quartz, agate, and hematite stone and miniature oil paintings.

Sift Collection Catalogue by Jewellery EM
Ena Mulavdic, Ebrahim Mohammadian
Ena Mulavdic, Ebrahim Mohammadian
art jewelry
Publication Year: 
Jewellery EM
art jewelry, Art
Relevant Country(s): 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran
bronze, Semi-Precious Gemstones
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