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Ena Mulavdic and Ebrahim Mohammadian are jewelry designers and artists who work together on exceptional jewelry designs. They founded their jewelry studio, “Jewellery EM,” in 2016.

Their work explores life in every single way--from birth to death, with all the love, hate, happiness, sadness, excitement, good, bad, care, prosperity, decline, lightness, darkness, and numerous other conditions and situations that we are all exposed to during our lifetimes. All Jewellery EM creations are unique and inimitably designed, making them significant art pieces. The unprecedented aesthetics derive from a mélange of artistic and design skills, using a wide variety of materials. The designs are a fusion of different and rich backgrounds, both collaborating in making profound and wonderful jewelry designs. All Jewellery EM creations are made carefully, with loads of love, in their studio.

Portfolio by Jewellery EM 2016
Ena Mulavdic, Ebrahim Mohammadian
Ena Mulavdic, Ebrahim Mohammadian
art jewelry
Publication Year: 
Jewellery EM
art jewelry, Art, Miniature, Sculpture, silversmithing
Relevant Country(s): 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran
silver, Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, paint, enamel
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