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The artist creates something out of nothing. The jewelry artist does the same, but also imposes this act on the person who wears the result, and who, in turn, decides whether to display or demonstrate its desirability and wearability, and all within a particular context or situation. So we start with nothing into something. That something takes up space. That space might be filled with objects we call points, lines, planes, shapes, forms, and themes. With whatever that space is filled, and however these objects are organized, the space and its composition convey meaning and value, communicated not merely to the artist, but, as importantly, to the wearer and viewer as well. It is important to differentiate among the power of each of these Design Elements to focus, anchor, direct, balance, move, expand, layer, synergize, coordinate, conform, bound, connect, and violate. The jewelry designer’s ability to fill, manage, and control space is a critical aspect of fluency in design.

POINT LINE PLANE SHAPE FORM THEME Creating Something Out Of Nothing
Warren Feld
design theory, Art Theory
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Warren Feld Jewelry
jewelry design theory
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