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With the current generation of master craftspeople preparing to “age off” the bench, the jewelry industry needs to know where to look for trained workers. This paper presents the survey data collected from the top jewelry trade schools, university metals programs, and other jewelry field programs in the US and Canada which currently serve as pathways into the jewelry industry. Programs like GIA, Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology, and New Approach School for Jewelers are addressed, as well as how MJSA’s BeAJeweler program is progressing. Demographic data, technical skills, training levels, and the need for updated, nationally recognized training certifications beginning at the apprentice level are included.

Jewelers: the Next Generation
Nanz Aalund, Charles Lewton-Brain
Education, demographic trends, gender, pay equity, paradigm shifts
Publication Year: 
The Santa Fe Symposium
Jewelry Metals Education
Relevant Country(s): 
USA, Canada
Statistics, survey demographic trends for jewelers.
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