HUNT: and Mälk

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cover of Hunt

A book review, by Urmas Lüüs, of Hunt:, by Kadri Mälk. Originally published in Estonia but reproduced here in English. “With subconscious systematic approach, Kadri has created her own school. When travelling around the globe, one can hear the stories about deep dark soul of Estonian jewelry. Soul-dark depth. Darkness of the depth of a soul. People even do not know that they speak not about Estonian jewelry, but Mälk’s school. For a small nation, formation of identity and creation of myths of peripheral outer world has existential meaning. Precise control by the cardinal has pushed lots of artists to stages. Is it my reproach, homage, accusation, or running with wolves? Probably all.”

Title: HUNT: and Mälk
Author(s): Urmas Lüüs
Topic: book review, Hunt:, Kadri Mälk
Publication Year: 2020
Institution: Unknown
Discipline: Contemporary Jewelry
Relevant Country(s): Estonia

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