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AJF Live with Melanie Bilenker

February 10, 2021


Art Jewelry Forum has expanded its efforts to connect more directly with the jewelry community. We’re not moving away from print, but moving more into video. One of the ways we’re doing that is by hosting live chats online. We feature artist studio visits, live chats with gallerists about shows they’re hosting, interviews with curators and authors, artists interviewing other artists, and programming tied to various jewelry weeks from around the globe. We record them and post them on our website.

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The video that Sienna mentioned during the event, tied to the 40 Under 40 exhibition and showing Bilenker working, is here:

Bilenker also provided a bibliography:

Catalogs for hairwork inspiration

Love and Loss: American Portrait and Mourning Miniatures, by Robin Jaffee Frank.

Hair, John Michael Kohler Arts Center (exhibition catalog).

Reprints of historic books on technique/process:

The Lock of Hair, by Alexanna Speight.

Hair-Work & Other Ladies’ Fancy Work, by Mrs. C.S. Jones & Henry T. Williams.

The Art of Hair Work: Hair Braiding and Jewelry of Sentiment, by Mark Campbell.

Contemporary books/exhibitions on historic hair work:

Under Glass: A Victorian Obsession, by John Whitenight,

Hair: The Lost Art of Hair Wreath Making, by Leila Cohoon (Leila’s Hair Museum, Independence, MO).

Mütter Museum’s Woven Strands

Stereoscopic process:

Stereoscopic Drawing: A Theory of 3-D Vision and its Application to Stereoscopic Drawing, by Arthur N. Girling.

Material resources: (goldbeaters skin, glues, tissue paper).



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