Gallery Viceversa is a concept from ilona Schwippel and Christian Balmer, who are passionate about author’s jewelry and delighted to present an exclusive selection from among the many creators who make up this fascinating universe. To satisfy their desire to share, they present pieces that meet their requirements in terms of savoir-faire, artistic approach, and conceptual thought—creations by young talents as well as internationally renowned artists.

Located in the center of Lausanne, Switzerland, the gallery has existed for 20 years and offers several exhibitions per year in parallel to the permanent collection.



Rue Mercerie 3

1003 Lausanne, Switzerland


+41 21 323 96 34

[email protected]



Object Feature

Volker Atrops, Light Blue Holes

Fabrice Schaefer, Untitled

Lucy Pearl Petts, Ruckus

Felicia Mülbaier, Ohne Wandlung Keine Schmetterlinge II

Petra Zimmermann, Untitled

Terhi Tolvanen, Urban Lagoon

Valentine Dubois, Deux Cubes

Kiko Gianocca, What’s Left (Anchor)

Karin Johansson, Loops

Sophie Hanagarth, Primitive Grotesque—Face to Face

Karl Fritsch, Ring

Stephanie Jendis, Night Butterflies

Claude Chavent, Traits

Sonia Morel, Untitled

Esther Brinkmann, Untitled

Volker Atrops, Untitled

Kimiaki Kageyama, Ring of Kamo River

Helen Friesacher, 7 Barres

Etsuko Sonobe, PR-07

Gésine Hackenberg, Pillow

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