Mahnaz Collection

Mahnaz Collection is New York City’s trusted gallery for original designer, goldsmith, artist-, and architect-made vintage, modernist, and contemporary jewelry. They are both a sales and knowledge portal. The Collection is well known for its mid-20th century onwards jewelry made by forward-looking, independent jewelers whose work stands the test of time. The gallery pay significant attention to the makers themselves; they are a storied group of designers. Its unique assemblage of jewels is distinctive, rare, influential. It contains original, intimate, collectible treasures.

A worldwide clientele is served by Mahnaz Collection’s online and Madison Avenue galleries. The gallery’s clients are often focused modernist vintage jewelry collectors, or individuals with an independent spirit and curiosity, those who know their own personal identity and style, those who appreciate modern and contemporary design, art, and architecture, and jewelry lovers of vintage, modernist, and contemporary pieces.

Mahnaz Collection invites you to time travel into a world of fine vintage and estate jewelry, a world that promotes preservation and re-use, and thus sustainability today. The gallery brings to the fore old worlds where superb hand work and craftsmanship still thrived. While its focus is on independent jewelers, it does carry wearable, sophisticated design classics by heritage brands and sells limited contemporary works that might upend traditional concepts of preciousness, or support living artisans keeping a craft alive.

Displaying distinctive designs and fine craftsmanship, the jewelry Mahnaz Collection sells must represent strong examples of its maker or period. Mahnaz Collection marries its passion for vintage modern jewelry with expertise in research and documentation of its rich cultural heritage. The Collection enables you to explore the careers and cultural universes of pioneering goldsmiths. Where some makers have been lost to history, the gallery shines a new and brighter light on them.


Mahnaz Collection
654 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10065



Object Feature

Arline Fisch, A Sugilite and 18K Gold Brooch

Margit Jäschke, Amethyst Druse and Silver Flower Brooch

Peter Skubic, Ring

Gerd Rothmann, Brooch

Kazuhiro Itoh, Brooch

Ted Noten, Brooch from the The Droog Collection series

Ataumbi Metals (Keri Ataumbi), Lovebirds

Carmen Tapia, Beauty

Sam Kramer, An Agate, Opal, and Sterling Silver Brooch

Pat Pruitt + Jamie Okuma, Dentalium

Donald Friedlich, brooch/pendant from the Erosion Series

Friedrich Becker, Ring

Giorgio Facchini, La Mia Virgola Unificare

Amy Lemaire, Mineral Third Chord

Pat Pruitt, Large Titanium Feather Necklace & Earring Set, 2023, necklace (earrings not shown

Amy Lemaire, Single Pollen|Red Quad

Wendy Ramshaw, Set of Seven Stacking Rings on Stand

Julia Obermaier, The Hug

Julia Obermaier, Getting Closed

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