LA Joaillerie par Mazlo

Located in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, in the center of Paris, LA Joaillerie par Mazlo was founded in 2010 by author/jeweler Robert Mazlo and is now the exhibition venue of the Robert Mazlo Endowment Fund for Art and Contemporary Art Jewelry.

Through solo shows by jewelry masters, or thematic group shows associating artists from different disciplines, the Endowment Fund aims to promote the artistic dimension of jewelry and to encourage a transversal and humanist dialogue between artistic mediums, beyond traditional cleavages.

The curation primarily focuses on artists challenging their medium and skills while fueling their works with meaning through a relevant conceptual approach. The gallery especially stands out for the unconventional way in which the jewelry works are displayed. Halfway between peep show and magician’s boxes, its showcases were designed and conceived by Robert Mazlo in order to allow each artwork to deploy its story and to guarantee visitors a unique and extraordinary experience.

The gallery also showcases a selection of jewelry books, notably those produced by Arnoldsche Art Publishers.


31 rue Guénégaud
75006 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 53 10 86 04


Endowment Fund: Instagram

Object Feature

Peter Machata,

Katrin Feulner,

Alexander Blank,

Sungho Cho,

Karin Herwegh,

Märta Mattsson,

Gisbert Stach,

Alejandra Solar,

Jamie Bennett,

Judy McCaig,

Heidemarie Herb,

Rámon Puig Cuyàs,

Clara Del Papa,

Lluís Comín,

Carina Shoshtary,

Attai Chen,

Per Suntum,

Bettina Speckner,

Robin Kranitzky & Kim Overstreet,

Iris Nieuwenburg,

Arata Fuchi,

Serena Holm,

Julia Maria Künnap,

Jo Pond,

Barbara Paganin,

Gigi Mariani, This Magic Moment (Albedo)

Carla Garcia Durlan,

Asagi Maeda,

Fabrizio Tridenti, Untitled

Robert Mazlo,

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