Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h

Established in 1996, Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h exhibits outstanding collections of contemporary jewelry and objects created by Canadian and international artists. The only gallery in Canada dedicated specifically to contemporary jewelry, it has presented over 100 exhibitions in its space, which is considered to be one of the largest in the world. This internationally acclaimed gallery is a must for collectors, museum curators, and anyone who wants to discover and become acquainted with art jewelry.

With its wide range of collections and exhibitions, the gallery encourages visitors to see jewelry in a new light. Much more than simple decorative objects, contemporary jewelry is created as a result of research and reflection relating to form and content as well as experimentation.

4836 boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec Canada H2T 1R5


Find out more about Noel Guyomarc’h by reading his 2012 interview on AJF and even more in this 2016 interview.

Object Feature

Mirjam Hiller, Orchaota

Mirei Takeuchi, Untitled

Mirei Takeuchi, Untitled

Brooke Marks-Swanson, Wild Attention #2

Terhi Tolvanen, Jules

Helen Britton, Cloudscapes

Caroline Broadhead, Scattered Pearls

Catherine Sheedy, Chercher Sa Stabilité 9

Sophie Hanagarth, Armillaire

Heejoo Kim, Heejoo Kim, Lunar Blossom

Heejoo Kim, Lunar Blossom

Despo Sophocleous, Detours 44.6427832, -63.5964568-01

Despo Sophocleous, Detours 44.6423984,-63.5975009 -01

Silvie Altschuler, Over the Moon

Gabrielle Desmarais, Le Jardin #2

Tore Svensson, Ypsilon 6

Aurélie Guillaume, Stella

Ryungjae Jung, Sound in Motion

Niklas Link, Cercopithecidae

Paul Derrez, Radiant Collection

Ambroise Degenève, Untitled

Silvie Altschuler, Domingo

Marianne Anselin, Battements d'Ailes

Monika Brugger, Flies

Monika Brugger, Les Cinq Saisons

Carina Shoshtary, Spindrift, from the For When We Flourish Series

Gésine Hackenberg, Fireworks, from the Slowdown Series

Mirjam Hiller, Sound of Colors, Together

Ryungjae Jung, The Motion

Aurélie Guillaume, Il Ne Manque Plus Que Toi

Marianne Anselin, Cher Mali

Alexander Blank, Forecast

Paul Derrez, Rainbow Chain

Nikita Kavryzhkin, VOID #1

Andrea Wagner, Untitled

Andrea Wagner, Mémoires d'Eau

Marion Delarue, Loving to the Moon (and Back)

Sophie Hanagarth, Face à Face

Silvia Walz, Chaos and Order

Kaori Juzu, Earring or Pin

Takashi Kojima, Point-Brooch-Shadow

Michihiro Sato, Flora on the Shore

Kazumi Nagano, Untitled

Bridget Catchpole, Holed Buoy

Bridget Catchpole, Vitreous Entanglement

Heejoo Kim, Untitled

Heejoo Kim, Univershell

Ela Bauer, Untitled

Nathalie Maiello, Untitled

Aurélie Guillaume, Soft Rock #5

Aaron Decker, Lil Bomb Blue

Karin Seufert, Big Blue

Tore Svensson, Ypsilon 6

Aurélie Guillaume, Flower Earrings

Gabrielle Desmarais, Landscape #54

Helena Lehtinen, Untitled

Eija Mustonen,

Paul McClure,

Helena Lehtinen,

Aurélie Guillaume,

Amir Sheikhvand,

Ambroise Degenève,

Brooke Marks-Swanson,

Flora Vagi,

Jamie Bennett,

Kazumi Nagano,

Joanne Grimonprez,

Gésine Hackenberg,

Brooke Marks-Swanson,

Gésine Hackenberg,

Anna Talbot,

Silke Spitzer,

Märta Mattsson,

Silke Spitzer,

Silvia Walz,

Ramon Puig Cuyàs,

Heejoo KIm,

Eunmi Chun,

Bettina Dittlmann,

Sophie Hanagarth,

Bifei Cao,

Bruce Metcalf,

Judy McCaig,

Aurélie Guillaume,

Josée Desjardins,

Christopher Thompson Royds,

Marcus Biesecke,

Karin Roy Andersson,

Simon Cottrell,

Carlier Makigawa,

Julie Blyfield,

Jaesun Won,

Maria Phillips,

Attai Chen,

Carina Shoshtary,

Märta Mattsson,

Aurélie Guillaume,

Kazumi Nagano,

Sondra Sherman,

Silvia Walz,

Pamela Ritchie,

Gabrielle Desmarais,

Despo Sophocleous,

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