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Find out more about Fingers’ Alan Preston by reading his 2012 interview on AJF and even more in this 2016 interview reflecting on the gallery’s 40+ year history.

Object Feature

Peter McKay, Untitled

Octavia Cook (Cook & Co), A Vulgar Show of Wealth

A+M, Untitled

Aaron Brown, Kauri Snail Shell

Brendon Monson, Untitled

Jack Vogelesang, Traction #4-5

Manon van Kouswijk, Series title: Iaskedthependantdoyouwanttobeabroochordoyouthinkthebroochpreferstobecomeabracelet?

Nik Hanton, No Plaque

Joanna Campbell, Ribbon Tie Up and Curved

Alan Preston, Kauri Beads

Pauline Bern, Mend

Manon Van Kouswijk, EARings & Eyes for Ears

Warwick Edgington, Untitled

Penelope Barnhill, Rosa under the Eaves

Kylie Sinkovich, After Finishing All the Whiskey in the House We Got Very Emotional

Melinda Young, A-Drift

Nina van Duijnhoven, Brown-White-Black (Mono No Aware)

Barry Clarke, Untitled

Lisa Higgins, LOT 39

Kath Inglis, Bizarre Blooms

Peter McKay, Untitled

Pauline Bern, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral...?

Fran Allison, This Was Then/This Is Now

Nadene Carr, Scribbles

Mary Curtis, Woven Chain

Philippa Crane, Nga Roimata o Tane Mahuta (The Tears of Tāne Mahuta)

Andrea Daly, Untitled

Sam Kelly, Square

Jennifer Laracy, Souvenir

Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova, Good Luck

Peter Deckers, Interference

Jacqueline Morren, 17.08gm

Cheryl Sills, Dripping in Diamonds

Sharon Fitness, Mind Switch

Carmen Burgi, Life Raft

Debbie Adamson, (Left to right) Coral Broom (short 107 x 7 x 7 mm), Giant Flowered Broom, Common Broom, C. petriei (small), Matagouri (85 x 5 x 5 mm)

Ben Beattie, Koropepe

Vicki Mason, Scorching Weather

Anna Wallis, Plains (Round)

Vanessa Arthur, Waymark

Pauline Bern, Shell Flower

Barry Clarke, Bird

Neil Adcock, Untitled

Inia Taylor, Rei Koropepe

Ruth Allen, Urchin series

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson, Muka Face Mask

Kylie Sinkovich, Tin & Timber III

Tracy Watson, Zero Waste

Paul Mason, Untitled

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson, Armband

Lisa Walker, More News from Nowhere

Neil Adcock,

Tatjana Panyoczki,

Tania Patterson,

Lisa Walker, Necklace

Mary Curtis,

Karl Fritsch and Jon Hall,

Lynn Kelly,

Nadene Carr,

Chris Charteris,

Ross Malcolm,

Nikki Perry,

Alan Preston,

Michael Couper,

Sharon Fitness,

Mandy Flood,

Roseanne Bartley,

Nina van Duijnhoven,

Joanna Campbell,

Johnathan Percy,

Vanessa Arthur,

Mia Straka,

Shelley Norton,

Craig McIntosh,

Brendon Monson,

Pauline Bern,

Ross Malcolm,

Andrea Daly,

Joe Sheehan,

Kath Inglis,

Trouble (Eel),

Matthew McIntyre-Wilson,

Karl Fritsch and Warwick Freeman,

Neil Adcock,

Manon van Kouswijk,

Lisa Walker, Necklace

Areta Wilkinson,

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