Brooklyn Metal Works

Brooklyn Metal Works

640 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238



Find out more about Brooklyn Metal Works’ Brian Weissman and Erin S. Daily by reading their 2016 interview on AJF.

Object Feature

Samuel Guillén, Bubble Mask

Suna Bonometti, Capital C

Samuel Guillén, Al-Andalus

Betsy Lewis, Cluster Ring

Betsy Lewis, Figure 1 Blanket

Betsy Lewis, A Hollow Hold

Betsy Lewis, Pinched Heart

Katja Prins, Inter-Act

Katja Prins, Continuum

Jess Tolbert, Rectangle Link Collar

Jess Tolbert, Greater-Than Series #7

Jess Tolbert, Greater-Than Series

Valerie James, Weird Pass beneath Congdon

Vershali Jain, Bandhej Circles

David Hardcastle, Brooch and Its Niche

Samuel Guillén, Almocárabe

Mia Hebib, Tempest

Kerianne Quick, Transmutations 23

Kerianne Quick, Transmutations 22

MJ Tyson, Inheritance 10

MJ Tyson, Dust to Dust

Kyle Patnaude, Till the Night

Kyle Patnaude, Jacksie

Nils Hint, Nowhere

Kristi Sword, The Long Strand

Emily Cobb and Mallory Weston, Ssssmiley Face

Virginia Jakim, Statement Necklace

Amelia Toelke, High Five 1

Amelia Toelke, Face #2

MJ Tyson, House Keys

Samuel Guillén, Ping #4

David Hardcastle, Ping #5

Edgar Mosa, Pinocchio

Edgar Mosa, Atlas

Eve Singer, Chandelier 3

Samuel Guillén, Coliflor

Naama Levit and Hilla Shapira, Site Non Specific

Sharon Massey, Beachcomber

Margo Csipő, Know Yourself at Every Age

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