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Auckland, New Zealand 1010

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Find out more about Fingers' Alan Preston by reading his 2012 interview on AJF and even more in this 2016 interview reflecting on the gallery's 40+ year history.

Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand
Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand
Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand

Object Feature

Neil Adcock, Untitled
Neil Adcock, Untitled
Tatjana Panyoczki, From Valdivostock with Love
Tania Patterson, Hochstetter/Hamilton/Maud Island/Archey Frogs
Lisa Walker, Necklace
Mary Curtis, Seven Years Worry Beads
Karl Fritsch and Jon Hall, Smashtray #5
Lynn Kelly, Long Rohutu
Nadene Carr, Untitled
Chris Charteris, Hei Toki (piece on left)
Ross Malcolm, Pua-o-te-Reinga—Flower of the Underworld
Nikki Perry, Possum (Headlights)
Alan Preston, Animal Crackers 90s
Michael Couper, No 3401
Sharon Fitness, Emergency STOP/GO Button
Mandy Flood, Dull
Roseanne Bartley, Paint by Necklace
Nina van Duijnhoven, Untitled
Joanna Campbell, Embroidery Hoop
Johnathan Percy, Tui and Harakeke Hook
Vanessa Arthur, Pompeii to Parkvale Grafitti Charm Bracelet
Mia Straka, Valere Talisman
Shelley Norton, The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree
Craig McIntosh, Untitled
Brendon Monson, Untitled
Pauline Bern, Untitled
Ross Malcolm, Maungakiekie
Andrea Daly, Pearl Face
Joe Sheehan, Big Rock Ring
Kath Inglis, Tree Forms
Trouble (Eel), Jane Dodd
Matthew McIntyre-Wilson, Kete
Karl Fritsch and Warwick Freeman, Drowner
Neil Adcock, Ring
Manon van Kouswijk, Figures
Manon van Kouswijk, Figures
Necklace, 2017
Lisa Walker, Necklace
Areta Wilkinson, Whakapaipai 11
Areta Wilkinson, Jewellery: Made By. Worn By