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Toni Greenbaum
Toni Greenbaum

One day perhaps, when we as a species have fully awakened, when we have mastered the Force—we will find a hologram of Toni Greenbaum within every jewelry box. Upon opening the container of our newly acquired jewel, we will be greeted by the illuminated figure of Ms. Greenbaum, materializing in a flickering beam of blue light. She will impart to us, clearly and succinctly, exactly the information we need to properly understand the importance of the work—a cultural and historical context for the object in our possession encoded in electromagnetic future-lasers.

Until that day, we will have to make do with Toni Greenbaum’s words in print. As art jewelry’s emissary she has most recently infiltrated the contemporary design galaxy via MODERN Magazine. Her dispatch imparts the strategies of humans who collect jewelry, and how their highly personalized, individual collections shape terrestrial understanding of jewelry once these pieces make their way into the public space of the museum.


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    The current AJF Staff Writer is Dina Noto. In the past, our staff writers have included Susan Cummins, Bonnie Levine, and Kerianne Quick, among others. 

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