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Serena Sciarrini, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Work Space nÂș9

I was born in Rome and now I live and work in Montreal.

My studio is like an extension of my home, I love it deeply!

In this airy and light-filled space, I design and construct my own jewelry line.

Being surrounded by objects and music is important to me. From them I find inspiration for the daily work of creating my jewelry: drawing, outlining, sawing, filing, setting, soldering, polishing, texturing, annealing, forging, drilling, riveting, hammering … in short, carrying out all of the tasks necessary for the birth of a piece of jewelry, some involving delicate precision, others significant force, some silence and others the whirr of machinery, some a clean bench and others dust and grime.

The body of my work is inspired by a philosophy of slow design and small-scale production.

Throughout a nourishing creative process whose goal is to explore the complexity of the essential, the piece acquires its history, its identity. It imprints a memory well before it starts its relationship with the person who will wear it and the one who will admire it being worn.

The result is a piece of jewelry that is always soulful and unique.

Whether you live in Montreal or simply find yourself passing through, you are welcome to visit: it would be a pleasure to welcome you to my studio!

Serena Sciarrini's studio, photo: artist
Serena Sciarrini’s studio, photo: artist

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