United States

Sarah Holden, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Work Space nº20


My studio is in a small industrial pocket of Chicago called Kingsbury. Nestled in between a concrete manufacturer, a leather tannery and a metal refinery, with access to two train lines and Chicago’s elevated bike and walking path, my studio reminds me of all the reasons that I love living in a big city with a rich history of manufacture.

My studio is set up so that I am able to hammer, weld, solder, fabricate, and finish all hours of the day or night, along with having a clean area for design and modeling. I have two large windows that overlook the Chicago River, the I-94 overpass, and my industrial neighbors. My practice is informed by the masculine identity of industry, and I am energized by watching the theatrical dance of the cranes moving sand from the barges on the river to the concrete manufacture’s conveyor belt while I forge steel into delicate lace-like patterns.

Sarah Holden's studio, photo: artist
Sarah Holden’s studio, photo: artist


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