United States

Ruudt Peters’s Summer Studio, Ravenstein, The Netherlands

Work Space nº2


During the summer I worked on a new project in my summer studio. Blind.

The Russian philosopher George Gurdjieff said that all good art needs two components of the following three elements: the head, the heart, and the belly.

Personally I think that chaos and the unconscious are more creative than the things we already know. During the action of blind drawing, the hand with the charcoal or pencil will be directly guided by the inner belly, without the control of the eye/brain. This way of working gives me much more freedom. I am always surprised when I open my eyes and the unconscious is seen in the real world. For that reason, I have made all my drawings blindfolded for a long time.

Ruudt Peters
Ruudt Peters’s summer studio, photo: artist


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