I Wouldn’t Let Him Go To Jared

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Left to right: Lisa Cimino, Ring, circa 2005, sterling silver, resin; Patrizia Locino, Ring, 2011, sterling silver, rubber bands, epoxy resin; Amy Faust, Ring, circa 2007, sterling silver, Coke bottle beach glass; Lisa Crowder, Ring, 2013, sterling silver, thread, enamel; Christine Simpson Forni, Ring, 2013, sterling silver, gold leaf, enamel; Unknown craftsperson, Ring, platinum, diamond chips, 3-carat flawed diamond, photo: Josh Chiappelli
Unknown craftsperson
Unknown craftsperson, Ring, unknown year, platinum, diamond chips, 3- carat flawed diamond, photo: Josh Chiappelli

Except that ring never happened, or at least, not yet. Certainly, the court-house wedding took place, complete with red and black striped stockings and wedding-cake-topper fascinator, but the ring on my hand on that occasion happened to be a platinum-set, 3-carat flawed diamond given to me by my father-in-law—not necessarily a family heirloom, but something he once saw and considered nice. The gesture was lovely and so was the ring. It is quietly resonant with sleek and settled quirk, a clouded and silvery mirth layered under the immaculate faceting. It also happened to fit my finger, such beautiful kismet. I still plan on asking Lisa to give me my wonderfully fake diamond ring, and I may use it as a secondary wedding ring, since I have six ring fingers, not just one. Marriage is, after all, something to be indulged and comprehensively celebrated, whether in memory or in metal.


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    A linguist by trade, Sarah-Abigail Chiappelli earns a living by writing pedagogical grammars for second language learners. In her off hours, she attempts to procure mid-century modern furniture, vibrant art, vintage eye-wear, and inspired jewelry. Recently married, she met her husband online, and she is continually glad he remains interested and affable even after she was three hours late to their first date, since she had locked herself out of the house in purely absent-minded anticipation. They share a house with their four cats and one rat.

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